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Ventrian News Articles Url Provider for DotNetNuke and Url Master

This Url Master plug-in will completely transform the way your Articles Urls look

The News Article Friendly Url Provider is a plug-in extension for the Url Master module, and will instantly change the way the modules for your content look.

Don't be content with the standard Urls. You can easily make them better!

With the News Article Friendly Url Provider, here's the changes you can quickly implement to improve your Urls:
  • Article Urls - take out all the extra bits and pieces and leave behind the article title
  • Author Urls - choose between the username or the Display Name of the Author
  • Archive Urls - uses a simple date format to show archives by date
  • Category Urls - use either the category name, or the category hierarchy to list all articles in categories

But why do you need this? There are plenty of benefits:
  • Better SEO through increasing the keyword/noise ratio of your Urls, helping your Articles to rank better
  • Automatic redirect option prevents your articles from being listed as duplicate content
  • Improvements in aesthetics for your site visitors
  • Masks the underlying technology that your blog or articles modules run on

You don't need to do any coding, modify your News Articles code or fiddle with your database.

Just install the News Article Provider extension through your DotNetNuke installer, and then go to the Url Master Module Providers definition page, and start choosing the settings that best suit your site.

Article Url Options

Swap the Article Urls from to a choice of styles, either the 'Blog Style' of or the 'Article Style' of

Category Url Options

Choose between straight category name for the Url - or between a hierarchial representation of your categories (where implemented) -

Better Archive and Author Urls

You can choose between using the Author username and Author Display Name, and the Archive Dates will automatically adjust to a format of to show all the articles from a year/month combination.

Dump the DotNetNuke Page Names if you like

Unless you've got a Url Master specific module Url Provider, you're going to be stuck with including the DotNetNuke page name in the Url. This is an artefact of the design, and this compromises your choices for the best Urls. But this provider discards all those imposed restrictions. Just choose the 'Hide DotNetNuke page name from Url' option, and all of your Article, Category, Author and Date Urls will be straight from the page root.

Like using the News Articles module, but don't like the length of the Urls? Your solution is right here!


In order to use this module, you must have an installed copy of the iFinity Url Master module and the Ventrian News Articles module. The News Articles provider is distributed by iFinity and is built to work with the Ventrian module.

The News Articles Friendly Url Provider is now available as an open source project.

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