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DNN Social Url Provider for DotNetNuke and Url Master

The DNN Social Url Provider works with the standard DotNetNuke Social features introduced in DotNetNuke

This plug-in for the Url Master module transforms the way that the Group Urls in DotNetNuke work.

With the combination of the Url Master module and the DNN Social Url Provider, you can change your Group Urls from this:

to this:

And change this:

to this:*

It's simple! Just use these options:
  • No page extensions (Url Master)
  • Replace spaces with '-' (Url Master)
  • User Profile Page = TabId 63 (Url Master)
  • Hide Page Path from Group Urls (DNN Social Url Provider)
  • Group Page = TabId 65 (DNN Social Url Provider)

Installing the DNN Social Url Provider is as easy as installing any other DotNetNuke extension, just install it, then configure it via the Url Master admin page, and your Urls are instantly changed.

The provider has to be activated on the Url Master module providers page.

Redirect the Original Social Urls

If you get a request for a Url in the original format, it will be redirected back to the friendly version as you have configured.

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