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Url Master Url Providers

Url providers are plug-ins that extend the functionality of the Url Master module to cover third-party Urls. These are urls out of control of the DNN Core, created by third-party modules and other applications.

Each provider is installed through the DNN Host->Extensions page using the install wizard. Once installed, they must then be activated on a per-portal basis using the Admin->Portal Urls->Module Providers control within the Url Master module.

The individual Wiki Pages for each module are listed below:

Blog Module Url Provider

Improve Urls for the DNN Blog Module

Catalook Url Provider

Simplified Urls for the Catalook ecommerce module

DNN Social Url Provider

Simplified Urls for DNN Social Groups

News Articles Friendly Url Provider

Improved Article/Blog Urls for the Ventrian News Articles module

Url Redirect Provider

Generic Url Redirects for difficult redirect cases.

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