Hide multiple params?

Jan 15, 2014 at 9:41 AM
I'm developing an UrlMaster provider for a custom Dnn module, and could get a first working version. My dll simpy tracks a specific parameter (an id, used to retrieve users profiles from the db) and uses it to build my friendly urls, e.g.:




My problem is I need to map multiple parameters, that is my original url would be something like:


Would it be possible to map this url to the same as above (/contacts/Name-Surname), but being able to retrieve all my vaiables (uid and par2) inside my provider?

I already set my FirndlyUrlInfo to keep a couple of values:

internal class FriendlyUrlInfo
    public int userid;
    public string displayname;
    public string param2;
and I fill them in in my SqlDataprovider, but then I miss what to do in my ChangeFriendlyUrl, where friendlyUrlPath only contains the former value (e.g. /uid/254).
Should I manually retrieve what I need inside this function?