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DotNetNuke Blog Module Url Provider for Url Master

The Blog Module Url Provider is a free custom module provider for use with the Url Master module.

It will transform the Urls for your DotNetNuke Blog from this:
to this:

But it's just not the Entry Urls it will change - it will also transform the Blog urls, the Archive Urls and the Tag Urls.

Worried about impacting your existing Blog Urls? Worry no more, because you can configure the changes to only apply to new entries going forwards. This option leaves all your existing Urls with their important SEO links as they are, and optimises all your posts going forwards.

It's really only a choice of whether you want better Urls for your Blog or not. There is nothing else to worry about.

Using the Blog Module Url Provider, you can configure the Urls to your specifications:

You can specify to have a path (or no path) for you Blog Entry Urls. You can choose different paths for Categories, Tags, and Date archives.

For your Blog Title, you can choose to use the name of the Blog, the Username of the Blog Author, or the Display Name of the Blog Author.

You can choose which entry the new Url format should apply from, and whether or not you want the page path to display in the Blog Url.

This set of options provides endless choices and combinations, and can be used to smoothly transition a blog away from another blog platform to the DotNetNuke blog. So now there's no excuse to be running one of those other blog platforms!

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